Episode 11 Business and Provision Closure

Business and livelihood cuts

There are a lot of people who are worried about their livelihood and business, so a lot of the messages that come to me are that our business is closed, we are in debt, whatever business we start doesn’t work, Household expenses are not met and so on.

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World system

1. First and foremost, remember that Allah Almighty has made this universe bound by certain laws. Whatever is happening in the universe does not happen automatically, but there are certain laws established by Allah under which everything Obedience to the same law, such as the sun, the moon, the stars, the wind, the rain, the crops, the trees, the animals, the birds, the beasts are all operating under one system, just as the human system of the world is also operating under one system. If you eat, it will inevitably be a loss. If you drink water, it will quench your thirst. If you eat, your stomach will be full. If you do not eat, you will remain hungry. If Allah wills, He can fill your stomach anyway. But Allah has made this system. He who eats will have a full stomach and if he does not eat, he will become weak and die of hunger and thirst after two or four days. The same is the case with livelihood and business, there are rules and regulations for doing business and doing business which is not only formulated today but is also taught in universities, besides business experience is also very important. Usually, people are making business mistakes, which causes business losses and then they go to the agents and they tell you that you have been bewitched. I have gone through this experience myself when I graduated from education. The love of doing business was born. At that time mobiles were new, I borrowed from all over and rented a shop in the very last corner of the basement of a plaza in Islamabad. I never thought that my shop Whether one sees it or not, there is no place to put up a board, then when I reach my shop in the basement, I have to cross four or five such mobile shops, which are bigger than my shop in every way and the front. Are on, and are also old. I had the same customer who didn’t get what I wanted from those shops, and it was something I didn’t even have because my shop was too small compared to theirs. After lying down for six months, he planted seeds. Now in this whole matter, it was my own fault that I did not take care of the business procedure, if I also went to an agent, he would have said that your uncle has cast a spell on you. Usually, people would have made the same mistake. Yes, they are making business mistakes, they do not learn, they do not have experience because this is how the world system works. If a poor person sets fire to a thousand notes, the fire does not think that it is a poor person’s note. The system has to be burnt, whether it is a poor person or a rich person, whoever throws a note in front of him, the fire has to burn it.

2. The second and most important thing is to understand and keep in your heart and mind that in the Qur’an, Allah has also stated some laws of reward and punishment for the nations in the world, some of which I have mentioned later: Trouble also comes from Allah and man earns his own hands ie there is small punishment for his own mistake and disobedience. In the same way, Allah Almighty’s unequivocal announcement about how good is obtained as opposed to punishment in the language of Qur’an Please see:

1. Walwan Ahl al-Qura Manawa way taboo laftahna alayhim Barakat min Asmaa we al-arm. (A’raf 96)

Interpreter: And if the people of the town had believed and lived a life of piety, We would have opened for them the gates of blessings from heaven and earth. So it is known that the blessings do not come only by hanging slips of paper around the neck, or by dissolving it in water, or by washing it, but by adopting a life of piety. Now the question arises, what is the life of piety? The simple answer to this is that to protect oneself from disobedience to Allah and His Messenger is called taqwa. That is, if we avoid every disobedience and sin of Allah and His Messenger, and avoid the commands of Allah and His Messenger, especially the observance of duties and haraam, then this is the life of piety, and living such a life is a blessing. It becomes a source of revelation.

2- Whoever does good deeds from remembrance and is a believer, is a believer, so he will live a good life, and he will be rewarded with good deeds.

Interpreter: Whoever does good deeds, whether male or female, while he is a believer, we will give him a good life and the best reward for his deeds.

3. Believing in the remembrance of God, the livelihood of Zanka, and the Day of Resurrection (Taha 124)

Interpreter: And whoever turns away from My remembrance, his life will be straightened and he will be raised blind on the Day of Resurrection. The greatest remembrance of Allah is the Qur’an, therefore one of the names of the Qur’an is “remembrance”. Besides, every action and every word and every gathering from which Allah is remembered is called Zikr, and the punishment for refraining from Zikr is that Allah makes his economy miserable. Remember the economy is also called life and necessities are also called life, we also call in the Urdu economy business and hard work to achieve the necessities of life. This means that as a result of deviating from the remembrance of Allah in the Qur’an and other dhikrs, both the economy and life become narrow.

4. Believe in the remembrance of the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. (Al-Zukhruf 36)

Interpreter: And whoever is heedless of the remembrance of Allah (the Qur’an and others), We impose on him (one of the jinn and mankind) a devil, then he abides with him. In this verse b

It is very clear that if one takes dhikr of Allah, ie the Qur’an and other words of remembrance of Allah, neglect, distance, and distance from the meetings, then a devil is imposed on him by Allah, now that devil is any jinn. Any human being can, then obviously he is the devil and the devil’s job is to harass him, he keeps harassing him all the time and ruins his life. The domination of Satan is a punishment from Allah and it can be caused by anyone, for example, if any of your enemies or envious people cast a spell on you and make Satan impose it on you. Because the world is the abode of reason, there is a reason and an excuse for everything here. If someone casts a spell on you, it is an excuse and a reason. The real reason is that you were oblivious to the remembrance of Allah and Allah was upon you. Satan was to be imposed, so Allah created an enemy in the level of causes and then put it in his heart that you go to such and such a magician and cast a spell on him, and he went and cast a spell on you.

It is from these words of the verse that we have come to know the way out of this trouble. No matter how many satanic images, fabricated amulets, incense, incense sticks you want, nothing will be achieved, but it is also a form of torment that you go to the devil to get rid of a devil and he slips a slip. He also makes you sin by giving and carrying out fabricated operations and takes money out of your pocket. You go out of the house to get something but you come back by giving your faith, honor, and money to him.

5. ومن يعرف عن ذكر ربه يسلكه عذابا صعدا. (الجن 17)

Interpreter: And whoever turns away from the remembrance of his Lord, then Allah will punish him severely. That is, the punishment for deviating from the present remembrance and remembrance is in the form of severe torment. That torment is in the Hereafter as well as in this world and one of its forms is the same as mentioned in the above verse that Satan dominates over it. And the second case is mentioned in this verse.

6- ومن یتق اللہ یجعل لہ مخرجا. وَرَزَقَ من مِن حیث هَاهِيتَ لَا يَحسبتَصَبَ ، وَمَن ی يَتُوكَلَ عَلَى اللَهُ فُو حَسَبَ ۔ا (Divorce 2-3)

Interpreter: And whoever fears Allah, Allah will open for him the way out, and will provide for him from where there is no illusion. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, He will suffice him. The fruits of piety are also mentioned in this verse. Whoever avoids taqwa, that is, disobedience to Allah and His Messenger, Allah makes a source for him. Exit means exit. And the second fruit is that he gets his sustenance from where he does not even think about it, and if he relies on Allah instead of fabricated amulets, impressions, deeds, then Allah will suffice him. And if there are the reliance on paper slips, counterfeit agents, fabricated amulets, and impressions, then Allah does not care, Allah is selfless.

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7. Only ask for forgiveness from my Lord. Send the heavens to you. ویمداد کم باموال و بنین ویجعل لکم جنات و یجعل لکم انہارا. Mallam La Tarjun Allah Waqar. (Noah 10-13)

Interpreter: Ask forgiveness from your Lord, He is the Most Forgiving. It will rain on you from the sky. And He will help you with wealth and children and will make for you gardens and rivers. What has happened to you? You have no idea about the dignity of Allah. In this verse, the prescription that everyone is looking for has been mentioned. Since people do not read the Qur’an, people do not know this prescription. Achieving these great desires and getting rid of worries is the cure that every human being wants. It is being said, “Ask forgiveness, ask forgiveness from the Lord, again and again, repent, this will be the first fruit of it, Allah will forgive you.” The second fruit will be that Allah will shower mercy from the sky. In the environment in which this verse was revealed, the rain was important to improve the economic situation. Will The third fruit will be that he will give you wealth. The fourth fruit is that he will give you a son. The fifth fruit will be that he will give you gardens. The millionaire of that time was the one who had gardens, today he is the one who has factories, so today he will give us those factories. The sixth fruit is that if you need canals for gardens, then He will give you canals. Your Lord is the Giver of so many blessings, but you do not care about His dignity. You do not turn to Him and chase after astrologers, priests, mystics, practitioners, and sorcerers. He tells you by his words and deeds. Ask forgiveness and you sometimes tie slips of paper on your stomach, sometimes on your arm, and sometimes on your neck, you don’t care about the dignity of Allah at all?

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