Episode 4 The history of magic

The history of magic

The history of magic is very old. Magic is not a thing in itself, but the intervention of giants and demons is called magic. Just as we do not see giants, the works of giants are also hidden from us. Reading, writing or reciting words, jinn, mantras, tantras, the jinn do some things for which we do not see the cause, because the cause is the interference of the jinn and the jinn are hidden from us, so the cause of what happens is from us. Is hidden and we interpret it as magic.

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Magic is also mentioned in history in the time of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him), this time is hundreds of years before Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) and Solomon (peace be upon him). Surprising Topar We see that the magic of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) is very high. And your contemporary magicians are considered to be the greatest artists not only of their time but also of human history and obviously it takes centuries for any art to reach perfection and height and many generations have mastered this art. It is used to create and bring it to its peak.

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history of magic
history of magic


Chaldean and sorcery of Babylon.

The Chaldeans of Babylon not only excelled in magic but also succeeded in making magic concepts popular. The Chaldean civilization was not only fond of magic and united in its occupation, but also its cultural upliftment and collective thought and vision was marked by the Sehri concepts. The stars have a profound role to play in changing the conditions of disease, progress and decline and honor and humiliation. The rise and fall of the stars bring expansion and abundance in their lives and the stars have an effect on human life which results in humiliation, misery and prosperity. Therefore, astrologers and practitioners still believe this.

Because of this belief, the Chaldeans not only worshiped and adored these planets, deified them and made them difficult, but also chose different colors in their clothing to reap the benefits of these planets or to avoid their wrath and misfortune. They used to choose specific hours for worshiping the planets and to burn or burn different types of incense to please them. They also used to have bad hours.

history of magic
history of magic

Six Weird Chaldean Magic:

Along with the greatness of the planets and their worship and adoration in the dawn of thought and belief, the Babylonians of that time had reached such a height and perfection in the art of magic that its precedent can be seen even in later periods. In the time of Nimrod, the Chaldeans in their capital, Babylon, had created six strange magic spells, the miraculous miracles of which still fascinate man.

1. Tabane duck:

The Nimrod sorcerers had made a copper duck so that as soon as a thief or a criminal entered the city, the duck would make a certain sound, which would catch the thief.

2. Silver and lost items

 The magicians of that time also invented an image that if a person lost something, he would come and hit that image. From this image, there would be a regular sound that your lost object is in such and such a place.

3. Missing persons and mirrors

 Tonkara was made for missing items. The Chaldeans made a mirror to search for missing people. When a member of a family goes missing, he comes in front of the mirror, and strangely enough, he not only sees his lost loved one in the mirror, but he A complete and clear description of where and in what condition he was would appear in the mirror.

4. The decision of truth and falsehood by the pool

 The sorcerers of Babylon built a courtyard in the court of Nimrod, in which three strange and miraculous virtues were found simultaneously in the judgment of cases. The truth or falsehood of the parties could be easily decided due to these qualities. It would be clear that this servant is on the right path. (3) And the third interesting virtue was that if the guilty person confessed his mistake and the other party’s right, the water would go down and he would not drown.

 5. Cocktail by the pool

Another pond in Nimrod Darbari was built for luxury. It was a pond with a very amazing feature of human history. On a special day of the year, the emperors of the kingdom and other esteemed people of the city used to gather from their homes to have a drink of their choice and to have picnics and rallies at the edge of the pool. In this way, a variety of beverages from all over the city would be mixed in the pool. There was a drink that he himself had poured into the pool.

6. Strange and shady tree

 You may have seen shady trees hundreds of times in your life. The size of a tree depends on its size.

Your teeth will also sweat after reading the taxonomic feature of the Sehri tree that has been made for the convenience of the people. It was decreasing and increasing accordingly. As many people came and went, the shade would spread so much that even if one lakh people came, the shade of the same tree would reach them. No new canopy would be needed. (Note: These are historical traditions. It cannot be said with certainty who is true or false.)

The time of the Israelites

Hundreds of years after the time of Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) comes the time of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) and Pharaoh. This was also the time of the rise of magic and sorcery. Therefore, the incident of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) is mentioned in the Holy Quran that when he showed his miracles, Pharaoh tried to make people believe that it is magic and Moses is a magician. To prove this, there was a famous contest, the details of which are contained in the Qur’an, so the magic of the magicians called by Pharaoh ended in comparison to the miracle of Moses and the magicians fell in prostration. Syria, Egypt, Iraq This series of sorcery and practices continued in Babylon until it became difficult for people to distinguish between magic and miracles. Because apparently, just as the cause of a miracle is hidden, so is the cause of a miracle. Thus, in order to dispel this misconception, Allah Almighty sent down two angels, “Harut and Marut”, at some point in Babylon, Iraq, which is also mentioned in the Qur’an.

Allah Almighty sent down these two angels for two purposes. Explain the difference between a magic and a miracle. And the second is the trial and testing of human beings. So these angels used to be present in a well or a cave, people used to come to them, these angels used to say that doing, reading or writing like this is magic, and this is disbelief, it is illegal, it is disobedience to Allah, it is like this. Everyone can do this by reading and writing. But a miracle does not happen, it does not appear on the hand of everyone but only on the hand of the one who is the Messenger of Allah, it is not necessary for him to read or write certain words, or any special If we act, then the miracle will appear, but when Allah wills, the miracle will appear in the hands of the Prophet and the Prophet. All of this was also a test for people because the world is a testing ground, so when explaining magic and telling the truth about magic, some people would take note of it and remember it and then start doing the same thing.

It is also important to point out here that magic did not begin with Harut Marut, but long before that this disbelief was taught to human beings by the devils. Harut Marut came to explain its reality and disbelief. This is how it is. As I explain in my videos the magic and illegal practices that it is unlawful and blasphemous to do so, one should not write or wear such an amulet, so many people will understand it and start protecting themselves from it in the future And some people will take note of this amulet and start using it at some point.

The Jews of Madinah were involved in sorcery, although they considered themselves to be true followers of the Prophets. When they were asked which prophet’s teachings were involved in this practice, they would immediately say, And through these practices he controlled and subdued the jinn and used the jinn. Then Allah Almighty revealed verse no. 102 of Surah Baqarah:

Ma uٱtbaua ttlua ٱlsytyn Kufr Malik Solomon Solomon uma Wilkinson ٱlsytyn disbelieve yalmun ٱlnas guidance of ٱlshr uma uma yalman from Ahad Ali ٱlmlكyn bbabl هrut umrut إnma nhn ftnة flourished until yqula tكfr fytalmun minhum Ma yfrqun bه International ٱlmrء uzujه uma we bzaryn bه Ahad, except they stick to ٱllه uytalmun yzrهm villa Ma Ma ٱstrىه ynfaهm Liman brings almua per ٱlءakrة Him who created ulbys srua bه أnfsهm Ma Lu Kano yalmun

Translation: And they followed (the disbelieving words of magic) which the devils used to recite in the time of Solomon, and Solomon did not disbelieve at all, but the devils disbelieved. And they followed the (magic) which was sent down to the two angels in the city of Babylon, Harut and Marut, and they (the angels) did not teach anyone until they said: We are only a trial If so, do not disbelieve. They would see from them the thing by which they would separate the man from his wife. And they could not have harmed anyone without Allah’s permission. They used to learn that which harmed them and did not benefit them. And surely they knew well who did it. They have no share in the Hereafter. And what a miserable thing for which they have sold themselves. I wish they knew.

Research on the relation of magic to Prophet Solomon (pbuh):

Hazrat Sali, a Jew from Medina Man (pbuh) was called a sorcerer and sorcerer, and when our Holy Prophet (pbuh) mentioned Solomon (pbuh) among the prophets, the Jews would taunt him and say, “Look at him.” It so happens that they mention Solomon in the prophets even though Solomon was just a magician.

Imam Ibn Jarir (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates with his chain of transmission: Sadi has stated that during the reign of Hazrat Sulaiman (peace be upon him) the devils used to lie in ambush in the sky and listen to the words of the angels that the earth When will I die? When will it rain? And other things like that? Then he would come and tell those things to the priests. The priests would tell those things to the people. And those things would happen in this way. Write in the book ‘and it became known in Israel that the jinn have knowledge of the unseen. Hazrat Sulaiman (pbuh) sought out these books and placed them in a box and buried them under his chair and whoever of the devils approached his chair would be burnt ‘and Hazrat Sulaiman (pbuh) Declared that I will blow the neck of every person I hear of who says that the devils know the unseen. Hazrat Sulaiman (PBUH) died and the scholars who knew about this incident also passed away and many As the years went by, one day Satan disguised as a man went to a group of Israelites and said: I will show you a never-ending treasure. He said to them: Dig the earth under this chair. Satan said: Solomon (pbuh) used to rule over humans, jinn and birds because of this magic. Then it became known among the children of Israel from generation to generation that Solomon (pbuh) was a sorcerer. Even when the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) was sent and he mentioned Solomon (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) among the Prophets, the Children of Israel objected. And he said: Solomon was a sorcerer, and Allah revealed the following verse to him: (And they followed that which the devils used to recite in the days of Sulaiman (Solomon)). He did not disbelieve. However, it was the devils who disbelieved. They used to teach people magic. (Jami ‘al-Bayyan, vol. 1, p. 353, Dar al-Ma’rifat, Beirut, 1409 AH)

Also, Imam Ibn Jarir (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates with his chain of transmission: When the devils (jinn) came to know about the death of Hazrat Sulaiman (peace be upon him), they wrote down different types and types of magic in a book and Above it is written the name that it is written by Asif bin Barkhaya, a friend of Sulayman bin Dawood and it contains the treasures of knowledge. Then he buried this book under the chair of Hazrat Sulayman (PBUH). The rest of the nation of Israel took him out from under the chair of Solomon (pbuh). When they read this book, they spread magic. And when our Prophet (pbuh) killed Hazrat Solomon (pbuh) When David (peace be upon him) was mentioned among the prophets and messengers, the Jews of Madinah said: Do you not wonder that Muhammad (peace be upon him) mentions Solomon among the prophets even though he was only a magician? ۔ Then Allah revealed the following verse to them: (And they followed what Satan used to recite during the reign of Solomon and Solomon did not disbelieve). It was the devils who disbelieved. He used to teach magic to the people. (Jami ‘al-Bayyan, vol. 1, p. 354, Dar al-Ma’rifah, Beirut, 1409 AH)

Hafiz Ibn Hajar Asqalani has also mentioned these two narrations with reference to Tabari (Fath al-Bari vol. 10, p. 223, Dar al-Kitab al-Islamiya, Lahore).

Imam Ibn Jawzi has quoted four more sayings in the revelation of these verses: (1) Abu Salih has narrated from Hazrat Ibn Abbas (RA) that when Hazrat Sulaiman (PBUH) has narrated that when Hazrat Sulaiman (PBUH) When their kingdom slipped out of their hands, the devils (jinns) wrote down the magic and buried it under their place of prayer, and when they died, they took it out and said: Their kingdom is because of this magic. This is also the view of the opponent.

(2) Saeed ibn Jubayr (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated from Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) that Asif ibn Barkhaya used to write down the rulings of Hazrat Sulaiman (may Allah be pleased with him) and bury them under his chair. When Solomon (pbuh) died, he took this book out of the devils and wrote magic and lies between the two lines and later attributed it to Solomon (pbuh).

(3) Ikrima (RA) said: The devils wrote the magic to Hazrat Sulaiman (PBUH) after his death and attributed it to Hazrat Sulaiman (PBUH).

(4) Qatadah (RA) said: The devils invented magic. Hazrat Sulaiman (PBUH) seized it and buried it under his chair so that people would not learn it when Hazrat Sulaiman (PBUH) died. So the devils took him out and taught the people magic and said: This is the knowledge of Solomon. (Zadalmisar, vol. 1, p. 121, published by Maktab-e-Islami, Beirut, 1407 AH.

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