Episode 5 Knight Templar, Freemasonry, Illuminati and Kabbalah magic

What is Kabbalah magic and what are its effects?

Black Magic

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Kabbalah is the knowledge of the Babylonian civilization that is based on certain numbers and symbols that were called Kabbalah in the local language, we interpret it as black magic or black magic. The colors in this world, as beautiful and beautiful as they seem to us, actually contain as many disgusting and hidden secrets as there are in them, whether it is politics or the film industry, the media or any other important position. Behind the scenes are ugly and horrible characters who are evil followers and are controlling the world despite being a handful. The Illuminati Secret Organization is a devil-worshiping secret organization that does not believe in any religion except Satanic slavery and considers itself superior to all nations and peoples because, according to them, they have the knowledge that no one in the world And man does not have it. Moreover, they belong to Pharaoh. Today they will try to cover up the fact that they have a relationship with Pharaoh? And what is the knowledge that makes this organization seem to be openly challenging all religions? What is the knowledge that has helped these handfuls of people to take over the world today? Forcing them to lean towards him.

In the time of Solomon, people spoke directly to jinns and demons. The jinn and the devils are one and the same creature. The jinn are both good and bad, ie Muslim jinn and infidel jinn. Muslim jinns are called jinn while infidel jinns are called devils. The Jews learned magic from the devils and after the death of Prophet Solomon (pbuh) they completely believed in magic and gave it the status of spiritual knowledge, which I have mentioned in detail above. And when Jesus was sent, the Jews refused to believe him, saying that he was not our Messiah but our Messiah. The Messiah they were waiting for was the Antichrist because when these Jews learned the magic called Kabbalah, they were talking to another world through this magic. The world they were talking about was the world of Iblis which they called the spiritual world. Used to say In this way he would have spoken directly to Satan the Great, ie Iblis. These people used to talk to the little devils, but now they started talking to Satan-e-Akbar, which would have paved the way for them to talk, and so they believed in the devil and his words wholeheartedly.

In fact, this magic called Kabbalah is related to Satanism and Sufism which controls the brain and its thoughts through chemical, magical, electric waves or hypnotism. Kabbalah magic is the most dangerous form of magic in the world, through which the Illuminati, which is one percent of the world, communicate directly with the devil, and the devil explains to them new tactics to mislead and rule the world. By adopting these people, they have fulfilled their dream of wealth, fame and rule, but the question is when and where did this magic called Kabbalah begin.

Episode 4 The history of magic

The beginning of Kabbalah magic

If we study history, it becomes clear to us that the Israelites were second to none in believing and acting on satanic forces and practices. Jacob’s title was Israel and his descendants are called the Children of Israel who lived in present-day Palestine. The son of Hazrat Yaqub (as) and the Prophet of Allah, Hazrat Yusuf (as) whose story surely every Muslim knows how his half-brothers threw him into the well out of jealousy but he escaped from the interest of God through an Egyptian caravan Went and this caravan took him to Egypt with him. Here Allah gave him the rule of Egypt. He called all his relatives ie the children of Israel from Palestine to Egypt and these people started coming and settling here.

During this time, the Israelites were unaware of magic and magic. In Egypt in those days magic was at its peak. Here people used to perform every impossible and unbelievable task through magic and sublime knowledge called Kabbalah. For example, a sorcerer named Samaritan who is also mentioned in the Qur’an. The story is well known that Pharaoh issued an order to gather all the able magicians in Egypt so that Moses (pbuh) could be defeated. That is why the magic called Kabbalah is more dangerous than all the magic in the world. That is why the magicians like Samaritans are not found in history.

What is Kabbalah magic and what are its effects?
What is Kabbalah magic and what are its effects?


The Egyptian kings of that time were called Pharaohs. The sorcerers of that time taught Pharaoh new tactics to rule the world by contacting Satan through black magic called Kabbalah and inventing inventions that are still known as science. The human intellect is tired of wondering. These inventions include the ihram of Egypt. I have mentioned above six wonderful inventions of Nimrod’s time. Most of these constructions were done by the people of Israel and Pharaoh put an end to their oppression and forced them to live a humiliating life. Moses was commanded by God to emigrate to Palestine with his people, the Children of Israel. Become Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) After rescuing Israel by sea, they left Egypt, where Pharaoh and his army drowned in the sea, and Moses (peace be upon him) took the children of Israel and settled in Palestine again. It is said that the environment is influenced by the children of Israel. While living among the Pharaohs, they had learned pride and arrogance, the knowledge of skilled magicians and the tactics of ruling the world. Gradually became rebellious and disobedient, and began to use the practices learned from the Egyptian magicians and the evil practices through magic for their own purposes. These satanic practices consisted of specific figures and symbols called kabbalah.

The Israelites became more skilled in magic than the Egyptian magicians and began to use it to harm their enemies and opponents until the time of Solomon. In addition to the great kingdom, Allah had also given him the rule over the jinn. After the death of Prophet Solomon (peace be upon him) the Jews of Israel began to seduce and mislead the people and told them that Sulayman (peace be upon him) had the wisdom of black magic (Kabala) by which he controlled the jinn So people began to learn Kabbalah magic as “spirituality” by listening to the words of these Jews of Israel, until these books of magic were given the status of holy books and placed in the Temple of Solomon.

Due to the continuous disobedience of Allah, the punishment of Allah descended on this nation and the Temple of Solomon was attacked twice. The first invasion was carried out by King Bakht Nasr and the second by King Titus and the Temple of Solomon was completely destroyed and the Israelites were killed. About 1.5 million Jews were killed. Spread on During the attack on the Temple of Solomon, all the magic books were buried under the rubble of the Temple of Solomon. The attackers did not even know what magic is called Kabbalah. To suppress

Who published the books of Kabbalah?

Night Templar

In 1128, these young Jews formed an organization called the Knights Templar. The organization’s purpose was apparently to protect Christian travelers, meaning it was set up as a security company, but in reality its purpose was to find the magic books under the rubble of the Temple of Solomon that these people had once been students of. They succeeded in doing so in a very poetic way. Because in 1860, two British engineers dug under the Haram Sharif to do some surveying and found a network of tunnels dug by these “Knights Templars” to build a temple They can find rare magic books in the ruins of They managed to find books with rare and magical effects that contained all the knowledge of black magic and mysterious rituals. The purpose of these Knight Temples was to rule the world by acquiring all these books and taking advantage of their extraordinary powers. These people joined the Christians in the Crusades and dreamed of ruling the world by pretending to be part of them, ie Christians, but with a Muslim ruler like Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi, their nefarious intentions did not succeed. Could be

What is Kabbalah magic and what are its effects?
What is Kabbalah magic and what are its effects?

Freemasonry and Illuminati

Christians and Jews are religious enemies of each other because Christians believe that Jesus was crucified by the Jews, so when the Christians found out that these Knight Templars were Jews, they started killing them. The (Knights Templars) were forced to emigrate to Scotland and then gradually spread their influence throughout Britain. Here in Scotland, the Jews of the Knights Templar began to show people dreams of power and wealth because they knew all the tricks to rule the people and play with the psyche of the people. Joined the ranks of the Knights Templar because man by nature wanted wealth and power, and so the organization spread rapidly until it was recognized as a religious organization in 1128. Exemption was granted from all European laws and this led to an increase in their power which soon took advantage of the fact that these people began to occupy all the resources of the world, even properties, forts, estates and all over the world. Began to seize the resources of

This organization is made up of trained and experienced people from all over the world. The head of this organization is called Grand Master and his deputies are called Masters. The Grand Master’s command has the status of God for them. In those days people were afraid to travel abroad because of the fear of robbers on the way. These Knights Templars started transporting people’s cash and money from one place to another for a small fee and started charging interest. The banking system was later introduced through These same Jewish Knight Templars later joined Mason Giles, an organization already present in Europe, and began to introduce the rituals and symbols of Kabbalah magic here. Some time later, the Knights Templar Jews, along with their fellow Mason Giles members, changed their name to Curfew Mason, creating an organization called Freemasonry, which aims to spread freedom of thought and religion throughout the world. Boredom was to promote homosexuality and materialism in man. In the beginning, the Knights Templar provided security for the caravans, and for a small wage they safely transported the money of the caravans from one country to another. Then slowly the world’s first bank came into being. How did the audience come to paper paper by eliminating gold and silver coins? And now they are just trying to give numbers by eliminating these paper notes, then how did the bank come to be, etc. are the topics that we will talk about later.۔


So in doing so, the organization escalated the wars in Europe and introduced a way to control the world economy by setting up interest-bearing businesses, such as banking and the International Monetary Fund. Because the only way to control the world is to control its economy. These organizations fostered religious apathy by branding terrorism, especially on Muslims, by waging war in the West by shooting two arrows at each other, and on the other hand, by sending their weapons to eliminate these terrorists, they became billionaires. Thus the organization began to mislead people and use them for its own ends by promoting moral depravity, aversion to religion and sexual desires in the world. For this purpose, the organization does not come forward on its own, but through the devil’s covenant, makes its followers do everything wrong.

In 1766, the Freemasons formed a new organization, the Illuminati. The ideas and goals of the Illuminati were the same as those of the Freemasons. Through this organization, with the help of the world’s greatest Freemasons, especially the Rothschild family in Germany, plans were made to destroy religions around the world, especially Islam and Christianity. It was not easy for them to destroy Islam because Muslims practically practice the religion and there are a large number of religious leaders, ie in other religions, including Christianity, religious knowledge can only be obtained by their monks. There is no right to acquire knowledge, so it was easy for these organizations to mislead the followers of other religions against Islam, and it is well known that Christian monks have known since time immemorial that there was one last prophet. Those who do not believe in the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) out of greed for money and positions, even though they know the signs, will come to those who are already astray. What a great thing to use for Islam when every Muslim has the right to acquire knowledge in Islam. Praise be to Allaah. That is why the Islamic world is full of scholars who have raised the slogan of Islam on every front, be it politics or In any other field, even in the political arena, these organizations have always had to be defeated because of which this organization They could not overcome Islam. When these organizations failed in their nefarious intentions despite a million attempts, it was suggested in the nineteenth century that it was not our business to mislead their leaders. Why not discredit their ulema so that the people can turn away from them then it will not be difficult to mislead their people then these ulema should be ousted from politics by the same people and such a map of the ulema should be drawn. Seeing this, future mothers should also refrain from making their children scholars.


The Illuminati was founded in Germany in 1776. By the way, Freemasonry, a separate secret organization that first came into being, was also founded for the same nefarious purposes. If we consider the ancient Egyptian civilization, the name and work of this organization goes back to the Pharaohs who passed away four to five thousand years ago. The word Aluminati means full of knowledge. All Illuminati consider themselves to be full of worldly knowledge. Their plans are all kept secret because they believe that the knowledge they have should not be available to ordinary people, so their religion, their faith, their life and death are all illuminati.۔

What is Kabbalah magic and what are its effects?
What is Kabbalah magic and what are its effects?

In the Bible, Satan the Great, or Devil, is named Lucifer, which means the bearer of light. In fact, Satan is called Lucifer because he was obedient to God because he means the son of the morning. These organizations still consider the devil to be good, so they call the devil Lucifer, and the devil, Lucifer, is considered to be the giver of knowledge and enlightenment, and they believe that Lucifer is the source of everything, especially all light Of science These organizations believe that Lucifer, the devil, is good.

Albert Pike, one of the founders of Freemasonry, was a 33-degree Freemasonry. I have the highest temperature of 33 degrees. Albert Pike’s book Morales and Dogma is still read today as a guide to Freemasonry students. Let me share some words from this book with you, writes Albert Pike

“There is no doubt that it is Lucifer who has all the lights, all the lights.” That is why he likens all people to the current bullet and often makes electric markings on different parts of the body.

96196969 line icon of electricity symbol lightning danger power energy symbol can be used for pictograms web

It is said that only one percent of the world’s population is Illuminati, the richest people in the world, and these are the thirteen bloodlines that have been worshiped by the devil for generations. If someone says that Trump or Obama is an Illuminati member, then it is wrong because these people do not include anyone in their secret organization. Yes, they can make a piece and put it on their fingers, that is, people who want to be famous or make money. They sell their souls to Satan by bargaining and are always enslaved to the Illuminati. Then they have to do as they are told to do. If a member violates any of the rules and regulations of the Illuminati, he is killed in a horrific manner. Most people in the film industry are members of the Illuminati. Qandil Baloch was an ordinary actress who rose to the heights of fame and then was killed for violating a role.

Thirteen generations of Illuminati are believed to be under the control of bank owners, educators, politicians, and the entire electronic media of the world. And their sole and exclusive purpose is to eradicate all religions from the world, especially Islam, so that all mankind may come together on one platform and accept the Antichrist as God, which in their language is called the New World Order.

Of the thirteen Illuminati families, one belongs to David Phelps and the other to Rothschild. Both families own the global financial system and the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States, which controls 80 to 90 percent of the world. Well, by borrowing from the same Federal Bank, the United States has become their slave, and it would not be wrong to say that the presidents of the United States are no more than cows and buffaloes to them.

These thirteen families of thirteen are strict Jews and we believe that Jews cannot be Muslim friends in any way. Their mentality has always been satanic, which is probably why Satan chose them for his worship. These seemingly good people do good deeds for the comfort and convenience of human beings and win the sympathy and trust of the people by doing various good deeds but behind the scenes their aim is to promote evil. His method is to make a home in the hearts of the people first, whether it is the field of politics or the world of foams, etc. By showing the essence of his acting, people become people’s favorite heroes and politicians. Christ begins to follow their behavior as their ideal, to support them, and when they become convinced that the prey is trapped, they subconsciously program their minds to demonize them. Begin to promote.

Note: The Turkish drama serial “Pay Takht Sultan Abdul Hamid” has the best portrayal of the devils of these Jews including Freemasons, Ruth Child, Illuminati.

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