Episode No. 9 False Prophets and Witchcraft and Practice

Syed Abdul Wahab Shah

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False prophets and sorcery and practices

Readers, it may come as a surprise to you that most of the false claimants of prophecy used to practice magic and sorcery. As Muslims, our basic belief is that the Holy Prophet (saws) is the last messenger and prophet of God, and no prophet or messenger will come in any capacity until the Day of Judgment. But the false claimants of prophethood in the world keep raising their heads. Even in the life of the Holy Prophet himself, a person had claimed prophethood. Since our subject is the world of magic and practice, we consider it necessary to mention here the false claimants of prophethood who first practiced prophecy. He worked and thus made a circle of influence and then slowly claimed to be a prophet.

Aswad Ansari, the first false claimant of prophethood

Aswad Ansari was the first false claimant to prophethood. He was also a priest and there was no one like him in the priesthood. People were so accustomed to seeing his divisions that when he claimed to be a prophet, many became his followers, even the tribes like Najran and Majjaj were deceived by him and he denied his false prophethood. The propaganda started in the tribes of Yemen. It was attributed to Anas bin Qadjah. His name was Aila. The reason for saying Zulkhmar was that he used to put a dupatta on his face while the reason for saying Zulhmar is that he used to say that the person who appears to me comes riding on a donkey. According to some traditions, he used to train a donkey. He used to tell him to prostrate, so he would prostrate and do other things as well. By such actions, he had made the common people his devotees. According to Arbab Sir, he was a priest and he used to show strange things. He used to enslave people with his fat mouth. He had two nephews with him as they are with priests.

The story goes that Bazan, a native of Persia, who was made ruler of Yemen by Kasra, converted to Islam in his last years, and the government of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) upheld him after his death. He divided Yemen and gave some to his son Shahr ibn Badan and some to Abu Musa al-Ash’ari and Hazrat Mu’adh ibn Jabal. In this area, Aswad Ansari went out and killed Shahar ibn Badan and made Marzbana, who was the wife of Shahar, a slave girl. Farda ibn Musik, who was an agent there and belonged to the Murad tribe, killed the Holy Prophet. He informed the Prophet (peace be upon him) by writing a letter. Hazrat Mu’adh and Abu Musa al-Ash’ari (may Allah be pleased with them all) went to Hadratmawat by consensus. Put an end to Ansi’s evil and mischief. All the obedient prophets gathered in one place and sent a message to Marzbana that this Aswad Ansari is the man who killed your father and husband. How will you live with him? In my opinion, this person is the most hostile of all creatures. The Muslims sent a message in reply that you should try to eradicate this accursed as you understand and as it becomes possible. Enter Kar Aswad’s bedroom and kill him. One of them was Feroz Delami, who was the cousin of Marzbana and the nephew of Najashi. He came to Madinah in the tenth year and converted to Islam. And the other person’s name was David. However, when the appointed night came, Marzbana gave Aswad a large quantity of pure alcohol which made him intoxicated. Feroz Delami dug a hole with one of his groups and killed this unfortunate man by breaking his neck. As he was being killed, there was a loud noise like the roar of a cow. There used to be a thousand guards at his door. When they heard the sound, they rushed towards him, but Marzbana reassured them by saying, “Shut up! ۔ Meanwhile, the Holy Prophet (saws) had already informed his Companions in Madinah that Aswad Ansari had been killed tonight and a blessed man from his Ahl al-Bayt had killed him. His name was Feroz. He said, “Faz Feroz” means Feroz succeeded. (مدارج ا لنبوة مترجم ج دوم ص ۵۵۴).

Musalma is a liar. Sun 9 AH

After the conquest of Mecca, various tribes from all over Arabia were accepting Islam in the form of delegations in the service of the Holy Prophet (saws). One of the delegations came to him from Yemen, which included Musalma Kadhab, who was more than a hundred years old at the time. He also accepted Islam at the hands of the Holy Prophet (saws) and at the same time ordered that you make me your vicegerent and caliph. The Holy Prophet (saws) said no. Anyway, at that time he went back and went to his area and announced that the Holy Prophet (saws) had made my share in his prophethood.

In terms of profession, he was also a magician. He worked all his life as a magician, priest, and practitioner. He claimed prophethood and then after a while he wrote a letter to the Holy Prophet:

In the name of Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

۔ The land of Arabia is half yours and half mine but the people of Quraysh are abusing and doing injustice.

When this letter was delivered to the hands of two messengers in the service of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), he asked the messengers what is your belief about Muslima. He said that we also say what our true prophet says. Upon this, the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, “If it had been permissible to kill a messenger, I would have killed both of you.”

In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. By Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) in the name of Musalma Kadhab.

Peace be upon the one who follows the guidance, then it will be known that the earth belongs to Allah, He makes whom He wills of His servants the owner of it, and the success of the end is for the pious.

In the blessed life of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) this issue continued in one way or another, but after the demise of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) Musalma al-Kadhab laid the foundation of a popular and ridiculous school of thought The soul of the real person was according to the desires of Amara, so he made alcohol lawful, adultery permissible, marriage without witnesses permissible, circumcision forbidden, fasting the month of Ramadan, Fajr and Isha prayers waived, Qibla It is not necessary to turn to the Sunnah, only the obligatory prayers should be performed after the end of the Sunnah. Apart from these, he continued many superstitions in his self-made Shari’ah. The effect of this was that the sparks of lewdness and luxury began to rise everywhere and the whole area became the cradle of immorality.

Miracles and Perfections of a False Prophet

Once a person prayed for the rejuvenation of the gardens and the trees dried up completely. To increase the water of the wells, Musalma poured her water, then the water of the well went further down and the well dried up. For the blessing on the heads of the children. When he turned his hand, the children became bald. When he put his burning saliva on a troubled eye, he became completely blind.

However, the first caliph, Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq, in his time sent various armies to subdue him. One and a half failed. Fighting and defeating the army, Hazrat Wahshi finished the story of Musalma by hitting him with his spear. Zaid bin Khattab, the brother of Hazrat Umar bin Khattab, along with many other Companions, was also martyred in this battle. About six hundred Muslims were martyred and twenty-one thousand were killed.

Surah ​​bint Harith

This woman was a famous priestess of her time and worked in operations. She was a very eloquent and eloquent woman. Religiously Christian. One day he thought that a 100-year-old man like Musalma Kadhab had become powerful by claiming prophethood, so I should also take advantage of my virtues. As soon as he heard the news of the demise of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), he claimed to be a prophet. Because of his genius and mastery of the art of writing and speaking. Therefore, he soon made the great chiefs of Bani Tughlab and Bani Tamim his allies.

When Sijah’s power increased, one night he ordered all the believing chiefs to blockade and prepare for an attack on Yemen, when Sijah’s army left for Yemen, where Musalma al-Kadhab had already opened her shop of false prophecy. On the other hand, when Musalma Kadhab got the news of Sijah’s attack, she was very upset because she knew that Sijah was a very smart and courageous woman. So, showing great cunning, he met Sajjah bint Harith on the way with very valuable gifts and caught her in his trap. The two of them spent 3 days in the tent of Musalma Kadhab during their discussion on their prophethood. He got married after spending time in luxury. When 3 days later, Sijah informed his followers that the Prophet of Musalma-e-Kadhab was a true prophet and the marriage took place, the great chiefs became angry with him and separated. Seeing this, Sijah bint Harith was left alone and quietly lived in her infant tribe Began to pass. When there was a year of famine in the time of Amir Mu’awiyah, he settled the Bani Tughlaq in Basra. He passed away in a state of extreme piety, piety, and faith. His funeral prayers were offered by the ruler of Basra and the companion of the Prophet, Samra bin Jundab.

Harris is a liar

A person who stays hungry sleeps less, speaks less, and commits suicide sometimes performs actions that cannot be performed by others. If such people are among the people of Allah, then such an act of theirs is called karamat, and if they are disbelievers or misguided, then such an act of theirs is called Siraj. Harris Kadhab also used to do such acts due to his arithmetic and struggle and suicide. For example, he used to tell people to come and show you the angels going from Damascus, so that the audience would feel that the most beautiful angels are riding horses in human form. It fed people summer fruits in winter and winter fruits in summer. The fame of his misleading deeds and sorcery spread around and this unfortunate man also claimed to be a prophet. Seeing God’s people going astray, Qasim bin Bakhira, the ruler of Damascus, came to him and asked what he was claiming. Harith said, “I am a prophet of God.” On it
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I said, ‘O enemy of God, you are a liar. After Hazrat Khatam-ul-Mursalin, the door of prophethood has been closed forever. Saying this, Qasim went straight to the caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwan and narrated the whole story.

Abdul Malik arrested Harith and ordered him to be brought before the court, but in the meanwhile, he had fled to Jerusalem and when he reached there, he started proclaiming his false prophecy. A man from Basra met him and after a long discussion realized that he was a false prophet. However, he gained his confidence to bring it to a logical conclusion and after some time he reached the court of the caliph and after telling the whole story, he took 20 soldiers to Jerusalem to arrest Harris and chained Harris as soon as he got the chance. I tied up. On the way from Jerusalem to Basra, Harith fed his chains more than three times through demonic forces, but the man who arrested him was not intimidated and presented the false prophet to the caliph’s court. Harris also claimed to be a prophet in the court of the caliph, at which point the caliph motioned for the bodyguard to be spear-wielding, but the first spear’s blow did not affect his body, which caused his disciples’ jaws to open. Then Caliph Abdul Malik told the guard to recite Bismillah and throw the spear. He recited Bismillah and struck the spear, then he crossed the body of Harith, and thus this false prophet also reached his end.

Allama Ibn Taymiyyah, in his book Al-Furqan bin Awliya al-Rahman we Waliya al-Shaitan, writes that the one who opened the chains of Harith was his client or the devil, and the angels who showed him riding horses. They were not angels, they were giants.

Mughirah bin Saeed

This man was a freed slave of Khalid bin Abdullah Qamari Wali Kufa. After the demise of Hazrat Imam Muhammad Baqir, he started claiming the first Imamate and then Prophethood. He used to say that I know the Great Name and with its help, I can raise the dead and defeat the armies. He also had a perfect device in magic and sorcery and also knew other talismans etc. by which he used to impress people with his greatness and devotion.

When Khalid ibn Abdullah al-Qamari, the ruler of Iraq under Caliph Hisham ibn Abdul Malik, learned that Mughira called himself a prophet and had misled many people, he ordered his arrest in 119 AH. ۔ Mughira was arrested along with his followers and produced before Khalid. Khalid asked him what he was claiming. He said: I am a prophet of Allah. Khalid then asked his disciples, “Do you consider him a prophet of Allah?” They all answered in the affirmative. Khalid tied Mughira with a red knot and sprayed oil on her and burned her alive. It should be noted that Khalid punished him with fire out of zeal, otherwise it is forbidden in the hadith to punish him with fire.

Bayan bin Simaan

This man, like the Hindus, believed in reincarnation and solution. He claimed that the Spirit of God had dissolved in my body. He also said that he knew the Great Name and his followers considered him to be the incarnation of God in the same way as Ram Chandraji and Krishna Ji. He used to interpret the Qur’an as the self-made prophet of Qadian did. Believers used to say that this verse of the Qur’an has been revealed in the glory of narration. And this was the idea of ​​narration itself. The statement also invited a glorious person like Imam Muhammad Baqir to his house-building prophecy and in one of the letters he sent to his Imam through his messenger Umar bin Afif, he wrote.

“If you believe in my prophecy, you will live in peace and prosperity. You do not know who Allah makes a prophet.

It is said that Imam Muhammad Baqariya became very angry after reading the letter and told the messenger to swallow the letter. The messenger swallowed it carelessly and immediately after that he fell and died. Khalid bin Abdullah, the ruler of Kufa, had arrested Bayan along with Mughira bin Saeed and summoned him to the court. When Mughira was killed, Khalid said to Bayan, “Now it is your turn.” You claim that you know the great name and through it, you defeat the armies. Now do this by killing me and my staff who are after your death with the great name. But since he was a liar, he did not say anything and Khalid burned him alive like Mughira.

Saleh bin Tarif

This man was Jewish and grew up in Andalusia. From there he settled in the barbarian tribes of Maghrib Aqsa. These tribes were completely ignorant and savage. Saleh subdued them all by showing his magic and started ruling over them. In 9 AH, when Hisham bin Abdul Malik was the caliph, Saleh claimed prophethood, and his rule was strengthened in North Africa. And it rose to such a height that none of its contemporaries dared to confront it. This person had many names in Arabic. Scholar in Persian. Owner in Syriac. In Hebrew, it was called Rubel and in Barbarian it was called Waria, meaning the Seal of the Prophets.

Isaac Akhras

The list of these false prophets also included Isaac Akhras of North Africa. In 135 AH, during the reign of the Abbasid Caliph, it appeared from the ill-fated Isfahan. Settled in a madrassa. For 10 years he pretended to be dumb. Even his nickname became “Akhras” meaning “dumb”

After a patient period of 10 years, this liar claimed prophethood. He made an exquisite type of oil which made his face glow. Its purpose was to amaze the people that Allah has given them the power of speech as well as enlightenment. Due to his tricks and intrigues, even the teachers and superintendents of this madrassa could not be safe. The whole city, including Qazi Waqt, came to believe in him.

Those whose hearts were enlightened with the light of faith and who knew how to test every action on the test of Shari’ah made it very clear to the people that Isaac was not a prophet or a saint but a liar. The magician and the robber is religion and faith, but there is no difference in the good faith of the believers. Eventually, Ishaq Akhras had so much power and several people that the desire for patriotism began to grow in his heart. So he took a large number of his devotees to Basra. They invaded Oman and its environs and occupied it by ousting the rulers of the Abbasid Caliph Abu Ja’far Mansur from Basra and Oman, etc. Isaac was killed, and he and his false prophecy were reduced to dust.

Abdul Aziz Basanti

This man claimed prophethood in 332 AH and made a mountainous place his base. This man was very cunning and magical. When he put his hand in the pool of water and took it out, his fist was full of red nobles. Such sorcery and detentions led thousands of people astray.

The scholars and the people of truth explained a lot to the people, but who could avert the fate of those who were destined to become apostates? Thousands of Muslims were martyred by him in this crime. When the people were fed up with his oppression, the government also felt threatened by his movement, so the ruler Abu Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Muzaffar sent an army to suppress the Basanti. Basanti went to a high hill and the fort was closed. Lashkar-e-Islam laid siege to it and after some time when food and drink started running out, the condition of Basindi’s soldiers started deteriorating day by day and their physical strength also started responding. Seeing the situation, Lashkar-e-Islam climbed the mountain and launched a fierce attack and disarmed the enemy. Most of the soldiers of Basandi were killed and Basandi himself was sent to hell. (Reference: 22 (22) False Prophets. Compiled by Nisar Ahmad Khan Fathi)

I have mentioned these few sorcerers in front of you. Well, many claimants of prophethood have come and gone in history. Today, there is a need to eradicate these devils and liars to save the pure existence of Islam. Not a minute should be spared, but the strictest decisions should be made following the Sunnah and rules of the last of the Prophets, Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Why Mirza Qadiani’s fitna is not ending?

A very important question arises that the tribulations of all the claimants of prophethood came to an end in a short period of time but the Qadiani tribulation has been going on for more than a hundred years and is still going on. What is the reason for this?

The reason for this is that the Khilafah of the Muslims came to an end in 1924. It has been a hundred years since then and there is no caliph and no caliphate. Before that, tribulations used to end because the Muslims had a caliph. He used to work for the good of Islam and Muslims as he was. Therefore, all the tribulations were put to an end by the Muslim rulers using the power of the state, while the Qadianis are being protected by other states as well. Perhaps there is some wisdom of Allah in this because nothing of Allah is blackened by wisdom.


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