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Polygamy 2  Multiple marriages and protection of women

 Multiple marriages and protection of women

The system of multiple marriages that Allah has given protects your daughters and sisters more than men, and the number of marriages that Allah has made in your nature and the Sunnah of His Beloved Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Allah Almighty will continue to create women in your families and generations according to this demand.

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If you are influenced by the Hindus and the British and fear for the cost of your fabricated double bread and burgers and the school fees of the children imposed on you for education as well as pity for your servant wife or any In view of engaging in religious or worldly service, you will eliminate this demand for marriage towards women (which nature has instilled in you) or with some passion you will all be content with one wife. May Allah Almighty grant you this. Influenced in a way that is not completely compatible with the nature of necessity, the birth rate of women in your families and nations will decrease a little bit. But when this practical hatred of marriage will increase the number of unmarried women and immorality. In order to take revenge, Allah Almighty will increase this birth rate so that those who were practically hating the Sunnah of the Prophet out of fear of expenses and high prices would make adultery easier and marriage harder for the nation. Were going and unnecessarily increasing the number of prisoners for his action, so the zealous God sent to your nations to take revenge on you. He will increase the number of daughters and make you spend money which will break your back and these expenses will be such that your forefathers and fathers have never heard of.

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What is the real rule in polygamy?

Since Islam is a religion of nature, the real incentive command in Islam is to have more than one wife, as it is in complete harmony with the nature of man, that is, polygamy is real and it is time to be content with one.

فانكحوا ماطاب لکم من النساء مثنا وثلاث ورباع ، وان خفتم ان لا تعدلوا فواحدۃ.

Marry Dodo three to three to four, and if you are afraid that you will not be able to establish justice, then do one.

See, in the Holy Qur’an, Allah Almighty did not command one, but commanded to have two, two, three, four wives and also allowed to have one in case of compulsion. From this it is known that the real command is polygamy.

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The desire and desire of more than one woman is in the nature of man. Allah Almighty has made the nature of man such that he cannot live on only one woman. History also shows that from the very beginning men have had the tendency to have more than one wife, which is why even in heaven a believing man will have more than one wife and many virgins. As the Holy Prophet (sws) said, there will be eighty thousand servants of a lowly paradise and there will be better wives. According to another tradition, a heavenly man will marry five hundred virgins and four thousand virgins and eight thousand widows.

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Hazrat Mufti Rashid Ahmad Ludhianvi (may Allah have mercy on him) says:

Rationally, intellectually, experimentally, and figuratively, it is certain that a man has many times more lust than a woman.

Rationally because a man’s temperament is hot, which is lustful, and a woman’s temperament is cold.

Legally and metaphorically because Allah Almighty has given a man the option of four wives. If a woman had more lust, it should have been the opposite.

Experience Because no one is convinced of this and cannot give an example of a woman inviting homosexuality and a man refusing to do so, on the contrary, there are daily examples of men calling and women not agreeing.

Apparently in other animals it is observed that one male is enough for hundreds of females.

In addition, the abundance of sleep in men and the abolition of its existence in women is also a proof that women have less desire. Therefore, it has been proved that the requirement of a man to have more than one wife is to have multiple wives.

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