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عملیات کورس

جنات کی تاریخ اور تعارف
جادو کی تاریخ اور تعارف
کالا جادو اور سفید جادو
جادو اور شیطانی تنظیمیں
تعویذ اور ان کی ڈی کوڈنگ
مسنون طریقہ علاج


Urdu is the third largest language of the world which came into being with the arrival of the Muslim traders and soldiers of Arab, Iran, Turkey and other Muslin countries. Urdu, which is written in Arabic script, has enormous capacity to absorb words and idioms of other languages.

In this course, students are taught basic grammar of Urdu, construction of simple sentences along with their exercise. Hence the students become able to read and benefit from Urdu.

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