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Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba

By: Syed Abdulwahab Shah

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Allah Almighty has created everything in this universe for man. Some things may seem trivial to look at but in reality there are great blessings. In today’s article, you will be told about one such blessing of God which is a very simple and cheap blessing with many benefits which you may not have known before.
Name: Ginkgo biloba or Maidenhair
Scientific name Ginkgo biloba
Family (Family Ginkgoaceae)
Temperament: hot dry
Usage: Only leaves are used in powder, liquid or any other form.
Seeds: Its seeds have toxic effects.
The Ginkgo biloba, or “maidenhair” tree, is considered one of the oldest trees in the world. Is too long


Ginkgo biloba جنکو بائیلوبا 2
Ginkgo biloba

Where is Ginkgo biloba found?

Biloba is originally from China, from where it spread throughout the world, so the Chinese respect the tree and people of some religions worship under it. So in many countries, including Japan and China It is also found in the courtyards of temples and places of worship. Genocide is found in China, Pakistan, Kashmir, Gilgit, Iran and Afghanistan. Its tree is present in the garden plants of Government College University Lahore.

Genocide identification

The male tree and the female tree are different in this tree, so the male tree is generally considered better because the female tree has an unpleasant odor from the seed.
This tree is as tall as it is tall. It grows to a height of forty to fifty meters. And its trunk is sometimes up to seven meters thick. Its leaves are like hand-fan. They are also green, yellowish, gray.
Ginkgo biloba takes 20 to 30 years to mature, after which it bears fruit and seeds. Fruit clusters are attached to the male tree, while the mother tree has two eggs at the end of the cluster.
As mentioned earlier, its seeds have toxic effects, so some experts believe that if the seeds are fried, the toxic effects disappear and the seeds can be eaten by frying. But some experts believe that it is better to avoid its seeds.
But the Chinese and Japanese people fry its seeds and then use it in their dishes.

Medical properties of ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba has been used medicinally for centuries. Chinese people use it to treat tuberculosis, asthma, chronic cough, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, improve blood circulation and improve memory.
Ginkgo biloba leaves contain more than 40 chemical ingredients, but there are two that are more effective: flavonoids and terpenoids. Flavonoids protect against damage to nerves, heart muscle, blood vessels and retina, while terpenoids improve blood circulation and flow by dilating blood vessels and reducing platelet viscosity.
Ginkgo biloba leaves extract is used in medicine. So one kilogram of extract comes out of fifty kilograms of leaves.
The main function of ginkobilobaca is to reduce blood thickening, it improves blood flow by dilating blood vessels, thus improving blood circulation throughout the body, which is why it is used in patients with heart disease. Ginkgo biloba is no less than a blessing.
One of the benefits of regular use of ginkgo biloba in people who have had a heart attack is that it also reduces depression and tension.
A special benefit of Ginkobilobaca is that it also improves blood circulation in the arms and legs, which helps in relieving pain.

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Mental illness

One of the major benefits of ginkgo biloba is that it eliminates dead cells in the body and the toxic effects caused by their putrefaction, which prolongs the survival time of the remaining cells and enhances immunity against diseases. ۔
Ginkgo biloba is used especially for mental illnesses such as memory loss, memory impairment, depression, tension, physical and mental fatigue. In today’s modern age when the use of computer is very high and you have to work on the computer for many hours which leads to severe mental fatigue. Ginkgo biloba use is very useful for such people.


Ginkgo biloba is also useful in Alzheimer’s disease. In Alzheimer’s disease, brain cells begin to die, leading to impaired memory. Ginkgo biloba anti-oxidant effects slow down the process of cell loss.
Ginkgo biloba has also been found to be helpful in the heaviness of the ears, ie hearing weight and ringing in the ears. It lowers blood pressure.
Ginkgo biloba has been shown to improve blood circulation and eliminate blood thickening, so it has also been shown to be beneficial in impotence.
People who give up drugs but then feel the urge to take drugs are also useful for people who have biloba. It also maintains the amount of oxygen in the body.
Note: Ginkgo biloba is easily available in the form of syrups and capsules from every medical store around the world, including Pakistan.

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