Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Morning Glory

(Syed Abdul Wahab Shah)

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Morning glory is a beautiful flower, with different colors of blue, purple, pink, white and red, the botanical name of morning glory is MORNING GLORY (IPOMOEA VIOLACEA).

Morning Glory

This flower is found in areas with temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius or less, it blooms early in the morning in summer, and it is a vine-like plant, with beautiful loudspeaker-shaped flowers. Its seeds and flowers are used as medicine. This flower is native to America and is widely used in medicine in China.

مارننگ گلوری

benefits of Morning Glory

Here are the benefits of Morning Glory.

1. Anti-depressant
This flower is very useful in mental stress and depression. For this purpose, it is used in various medicines as well as made into tea.

2. Antibacterial
Morning Glory also has antibacterial properties. Its juice is consumed as well as salad for its antiseptic properties.

3. Useful in diabetes
Morning Glory has also been found to be very useful in diabetes, so for this purpose, Chinese physicians use it to maintain normal blood sugar levels.

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4. Insect bite treatment
Morning Glory is also used to treat insect bites. Therefore, the ancient people of America, who are called the natives there, made a paste of this flower after being bitten by insects and applied it to the affected area. Applying this flower on the inflamed areas gives relief.

5. Urinary diseases
Morning Glory has also been found to be very useful in human skin rashes and other diseases, which include applying it and drinking coffee.

6. Cough
Morning Glory expels phlegm and is therefore very useful in phlegm cough.

7. Gastrointestinal treatment
Morning Glory is used in Chinese medicine for colic or stomach ache. It is useful in indigestion and upset stomach.

8. Brain booster
Morning Glory is also a brain booster that increases mental abilities. Because it cleanses the mind from harmful substances.

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9. Useful in swelling and inflammation
Sometimes swelling occurs due to excess water in the body, morning glory tea is very useful to get rid of such swelling or inflammation.

10. Joint pain
Morning Glory is also very useful in gout or joint pain. For this purpose, applying it to the affected area is beneficial.

In addition to these benefits, morning glory is useful in treating muscle spasms, swollen glands, and epilepsy, as well as being fungicidal and anti-fungal.

benefits of Morning Glory
benefits of Morning Glory.

Precautions while using Morning Glory:

Although morning glory has numerous medical benefits, it should be taken only in limited amounts. Exceeding the prescribed amount may also have side effects. Its flowers contain various alkaloid compounds that can produce hallucinogenic effects in high doses.

Pregnant women should also not use it. This flower causes contraction in the uterus, so it is used to remove harmful substances from the uterus, but its use in pregnant women can cause miscarriage. Do not use this flower if you are suffering from heart disease or arterial disease.

Sages can also prepare syrup and gulkand of its flowers to reap the benefits of morning glory.

How to make Morning Glory tea:

If you are using morning glory seeds as a medicine, soak three to five grams of seeds i.e. about 150 seeds in a cup of water for one and a half hours and then strain and drink it or make a tea in the water. Can be boiled and drunk. To make flower tea, boil 15-20 fresh flowers or five grams of dried flowers in a cup of water as tea.

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