Tabeeb Riaz Hussain

Tabeeb Riaz Hussain

Riaz Hussain, Hakeem, and Doctor, is a famous jurist of Pakistan. Doctor Riaz Hussain lives in Karachi and also runs Makki Darul Hikmat Pharmacy.
Dr. Riaz Hussain also teaches classes on the law of single organs in Karachi, the special feature of which is that apart from the traditional method, he explains the study of the law of single organs in a very easy-to-understand manner with great depth in a modern and scientific way.

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حکیم طبیب ریاض حسین

I haven’t met him but I have seen his videos on his channel and I thank Allah for creating such an intelligent, sincere, selfless and capable person who is understanding and teaching the law to individual members and Alhamdulillah, all this is being recorded.

Law Single Organ Medical Software

I have been thinking of making a software and app for the last couple of years and could not start it due to lack of financial funds, although I talked to some people to sponsor it but nothing happened. But Alhamdulillah doctor Riyaz Hussain may have created a software of this type of medical law of individual organs, which is called Al-Halabay Tab Saber Pro. It is the world’s first computerized medical software program that solves many difficult tasks with ease. Introductory videos of this software are available on YouTube, but the software is not yet released. We hope Dr Riaz Hussain will release this software soon for humanity like his other services.

Tabeeb Riaz Hussain’s Address
Makki Darul Hikmat Pharmacy. C 248, Block 10, Federal B Area, Near Tahir Villa, Ayesha Manzil, Karachi. Sindh


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