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Episode 13 Magic on children

One of the most important human problems is the lack of children. When a man and a woman get married, everyone wants to have children. Because it is human nature to love children. So sometimes the offspring from Allah are early and sometimes late, and never at all. In the same way, some have only sons and some have only daughters and some have both. If two or three years pass after one’s marriage and he has no children at all, then it becomes a problem. First people turn to medical and therapeutic treatment and then they start running after the perpetrators. There is a time when the perpetrators change the belief, ideology and thinking of the people and make them polytheists from the monotheists. The first people have the same belief and thinking that it is Allah who gives and does not give children, but when the hands of the perpetrators fall. This thinking changes and it becomes that a person can stop his children even if he wants to be an enemy. The first thought does not bother a person, but when the second thought is put into the mind, it destroys the peace of man. The perpetrators keep this in mind because if they say that the one who gives birth and the one who does not give birth belongs to Allah, then the one who comes to them or the one who comes will get up and go and sit in the mosque and the mosque. It will not come. So their first task is to change the thinking of the one who comes. They immediately make a calculated calculation and tell you that you have been blocked by an envious enemy, this blockade will have to be cut then your problem will be solved.

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So when the questioner makes up his mind to cut off the closure, then he says to the agent, “Let’s cut my closure.” From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints is on the minds of many women. Thousands of rupees are being looted on the pretext of having children. Nothing happens either. If by chance a child is blessed by Allah after an act or an amulet, then people call him by the name of “Piran Datta” etc. and commit shirk. All this happens because People are indifferent and unaware of their beloved Lord and His Messenger and the Book revealed to him. If a Muslim strengthens his connection with the book of guidance, the Qur’an, and reads and recites it, trying to find out what my Lord gives me about my life by addressing me, then he does not need to go to an agent. ۔

Allah alone gives birth to children. Allah Almighty has said:

للہ ملک السماوات والارض یخلق مایشائ، یھب لمن یشاءاناثا ویھب لمن یشاءالذکور۔ او یزوجھم ذکرانا و اناثا ویجعل من یشاءعقیما انہ علیم قدیر۔ (الشوری 49۔ 50)

Interpreter: The kingdom of the heavens and the earth belongs to Allah Almighty, He creates whatever He wills. He gives daughters to whom He wills, and gives sons to whom He wills, or gathers them together, sons and daughters, and makes them barren whom He wills. He is the All-Knowing, the All-Powerful.

This is a matter in which the Prophets (peace be upon them) and the Awliya ‘of Allah are also powerless. In this case, Zakariya (peace be upon him) remains childless till old age. And then in old age he cried out which Allah has narrated in the Qur’an. Then in old age Yahya (as) is born.

Zakariya’s cry:
قال رب انی وھن العظم منی واشتعل الراس شیبا ولم اکن بدعائک رب شقیا۔ وانی خفت الموالی من ورائی وکانت امراتی عاقرا فھب لی من لدنک ولیا۔(4.5مریم)

He said: My Lord! My bones have become weak and my head is burning with old age (because of the whiteness of my hair it has become like fire) and I have never been deprived of My Lord by asking You I am afraid of my brothers and my wife is barren, so give me an heir from Yourself. ”

The same was the case with Hazrat Ibrahim (as), he also did not have children, he prayed to Allah in his old age, Allah also blessed him with children in his old age. We should consider whether these agents and practitioners are Allah. Have they gone beyond these chosen prophets and saints that money and honors are bestowed on them to have children? God will grant the blessing of children.

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In Surah Nooh, God says:
فقلت استغفروا ربکم انہ کان غفارا۔ یرسل السماءعلیکم مدرارا۔ ویمددکم باموال و بنین ویجعل لکم جنات و یجعل لکم انہارا۔ مالکم لا ترجون للہ وقارا۔(نوح10 ۔13)

Interpreter: Ask forgiveness from your Lord, He is the Most Forgiving. It will rain on you from the sky. And He will help you with wealth and children, and will arrange for you gardens and canals. What has happened to you? You have no idea about the dignity of Allah. In this verse, the prescription that everyone is looking for has been mentioned. Since people do not read the Qur’an, people do not know about this prescription. Achieving these great desires and getting rid of worries is the cure that every human being wants. It is being said, “Ask forgiveness, ask forgiveness from the Lord again and again, repent, this will be the first fruit of it, Allah will forgive you.” The second fruit will be the mercy of Allah from heaven

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