Episode 6 Satan’s Priest Vika Religion

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Priests of Satan

Wicca religion

The devilish idol or statue that was erected outside the Lahore Museum a few months ago is being misinterpreted by the majority of people as the Illuminati’s demon god Bifomite. Because the name of this demonic idol was Shechan Deval or Demon and it does not belong to the Elo Minatians but to a sect of the same demonic branch, Vika or Vakan. And their specialty is to be associated with magic tuna, ghosts and demons and to be under their influence and is connected with bloodshed and cannibalism.



Because before today, if the name of black magic or satanism was used in front of the majority, then surely all these people would interpret these evil things as fabricated myths or superstitions of ancient times. Because according to the general opinion of the ignorant people, Satanism is long gone, but the issue of the idol of the god Shechan has attracted the attention of a very large majority. And according to such people, all this is done in the uncivilized tribes of Africa or in the backward and special areas of India where various gods and goddesses are worshiped. Such horrible rituals are performed.

Researchers, and now the vast majority of people, are well acquainted with the names of Freemasons and Illuminati. These are the most famous satanic groups of today and their deeds are now visible to the whole world. It is worth mentioning here that in the beginning they were considered as a myth or rumor but with the passage of time these people gained strength. And he himself went on showing his signs and symbols that there is no room for doubt about the most important politicians in the world. Celebrities. The most famous scientist. The vast majority of business people and other successful people belong to these important parties of the devil. Even Satanism did not leave other religions empty but contaminated their basic teachings with Satanic beliefs and the situation is that instead of other religions they commit Satanism and fool innocent people.

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Readers The American Religious Identity Survey recently revealed something that was unbelievable to many. According to the survey, the belief that has spread most rapidly in the United States since 1990 is neither Christianity, nor atheism, nor Islam. Wake or Wake is religion. The decline of Christianity is not surprising, but the general impression is that the United States is rapidly moving toward atheism, or more than 70 percent of the United States. The population is suffering from atheism. However, it is worth noting that those who say that Islam is spreading rapidly in the United States, and if that were the case, would it not have a positive effect on American society? ? The survey found Islam to be the second-fastest-growing religion, but the rise of the Wicca or Wakan religion is one of the reasons for America’s growing demonic and morally and spiritually declining society. Explains well. Vican or Vican is actually a sect of Satanism and is also called (Witchcraft).

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Dear readers. According to the survey, there are currently 200,000 registered followers of the Wiki religion in the United States, or so-called “Wichs.” While the number of unregistered vouchers is more than 8 million, the situation is no different in the UK and other European countries. This situation is also of great concern to Christian theologians in the United States. Zombies. Ware Wolf. There are movies and books about Dracula and other magical things. He also says that after many years of hard work, now that the younger generation is completely attracted to the dark forces and various incarnations of the devil, there are movies and fiction stories on the shelves, as well as games directly teaching Satanism. Books and magazines are also appearing in large numbers. Also, let’s take a look at some interesting facts about religion.

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1. This sect is being called modern day satanism. And its powers are certainly a little less than those of the Illuminati, but in terms of its magical and transcendental effects, it is also considered the father of the Illuminati. And its customs are the same as those of the devils for years.

2. Like other satanic sects, the followers of the Vicha religion never believe that they are evil. They openly proclaim the worship of Satan, but they do not consider Satan to be an evil force, as other religions claim.

People who are new to this sect are not initially asked to do such a thing, but to be humane. Endurance Women’s rights. Homosexuality. And freedom of speech is encouraged. In addition, they are asked to perform certain rituals and are taught different ways of worship. And a variety of herbs. Colors And other things are said to be used which are seemingly refreshing and soothing but in fact they keep the priest in their custody so that he cannot get out of it again as long as the religion The follower does not reach a certain level, he thinks that we are on a journey of good and virtuous spirituality.

3. Weeks begin their year with a Halloween ritual or festival that is performed in a particularly evil way.

This is December 20. Yuli Celebrate the festival of Naam which according to their belief is the day of birth of the sun god of the goddess.

5. Litha That is the middle part of summer. And in the meantime, Wiki followers are practicing magic. And in the meanwhile their powers are at their peak.

6. Black cats Spiders and bats are their favorite symbols. And during Halloween, these insects take the form of earthworms. Remember that Halloween is not really a Christian holiday but the result of a mixture of Satanism in Christianity and Christians have written countless articles against it.



7. In addition, the two long teeth of this devilish devil or zonist god devil or demon explain the hemorrhage and cannibalism, which means that with these teeth the devil can hurt anyone and follow in his footsteps. First of all, the character of Dracula was created, whose bloodletting and unique way of becoming a devil from a human being was introduced to the world for the first time, and then many such characters, zombies. Characters such as the Werewolf or the Boogie Man seem to have been completely introduced to humans by demons and their bloodshed or cannibalism. And then walking human beings were aroused by this ugly act that is done to please the devil and gain more power from him, such as drinking human blood and eating meat or sacrificing human beings and now modern science which It is called transgenic science and through it an attempt is being made to create a race consisting of devils and human beings so that a walking human can become a devil whenever he wants and whenever human beings want human blood and flesh. And all these things they get to learn and do only from the god Satan. Which comes in contact with them at any time through special tantras and mantras.

This was a brief introduction. Readers of the Wake or Vacan religion also remember that just as there are human degrees in spirituality, so there are human degrees in Satanism. The devil reaches out to Lucifer, the devil, and what he has to do is a different story. He even has to eat his own faeces and stay in a state of filth all the time without taking a bath for several days. Falls.

Modern science and the devil

This may not be acceptable to you, but the fact is that modern science and Satanism have had a strange relationship from the beginning. Although the majority of the people consider science to be a harmless and useful thing. Which makes human life easier. And whoever speaks against it is considered to be less intelligent and stereotyped. Of course, under the guise of this, many such ideas have been spread. Apparently, they are wrapped in a scientific shell, but they have nothing to do with reality. Rather, their purpose is simply to prove that the world operates on its own. And it doesn’t need any system or caste to run it. However, there have been many scientists in the past whose original religion was Satanism. Nicholas Copernicus, for example, was a priest of the Sun God. This is the astronomer who first proposed the theory that the sun does not revolve around the earth but the earth revolves around the sun.



The famous scientist Newton apparently wrote many books on Christianity but in fact he had given up the rest of his life to Satan after failing in his early life. And was attached to Freemasonry. According to which he came up with new scientific ideas and he became very famous.

Charles Darwin is the famous founder of the theory of evolution, according to which man is made of apes. Darwin was not only a devil himself, but his father was also one of the famous founders. And apparently there was a society of philosophers and revolutionaries. But inside was a bunch of devils. Similarly, when scientists decided to go to the moon, Jack Parsons, who was openly demonic, took the responsibility of building the rocket. And rockets are made according to his design to this day. And he is also called the father of rocketry. However, this is now apparent from the sun. That no scientist has ever reached the moon and the videos of going to the moon were just video and film technology. Filmed in Area 51, Florida.



According to an observation, satanic scientists are extremely famous. However, they have spread false ideas and the inventions that really benefit man are out of their reach. In fact, all the famous scientists of today are openly atheists. That is, they do not believe in any God, but the denial of God with the help of science is the service of all science. And prominent names in them. Richard Dawkins Neil de Grass Tyson. Stuart Cross. And Stephen Hawking. The logo of the US space agency NASA, which is the research center of space agencies in all countries, also has the evil symbol, the tongue of a snake. Similarly, NASA’s famous telescope named Hubble. Yes, it is named after the famous idol of the infidels of ancient times, whose name was Hubble, and the scholars can also support it. (But apparently the name is named after an unknown scientist.

And similarly, according to the science used by NASA and Copernicus, Earth is a planet. And there are millions of such planets in space, so neither the earth nor man is a special place. Rather, it is one of the millions of creatures that NASA is currently searching for. And that’s what we’re often told by videos and photos. That we are just a point in an infinite space. And if we look directly, it is a direct complaint of Iblis, who was terrified of Adam (peace be upon him) when he did not get the caliphate of the earth. And now, by spreading this false knowledge, he is trying to prove us to be insignificant, aimless and just accidental creatures.

It should be noted that witchcraft and sorcery are also characteristic of Satanists, but those who practice direct sorcery are at the bottom of the rank. Yes, there are regular grades of devils, including the presidents of different countries at the top level. Ministers Politician, philosopher and scientist. There are people who run human welfare organizations and other such famous people. Another strange thing that has come to light about them is that the high-grade devils do not give the lower-grade devils complete information and details about the demonic forces and beliefs, but rather give them more ‘light’ and ‘facts’. Encourage the removal of the veil.

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The devil gradually becomes the master of various satanic forces, but when the truth becomes clear to him and he is unable to retreat from it, nor does he become able to retreat, his level and powers increase. For this he has to make sacrifices and adopt the most evil deeds. All the popes of the famous Vatican Church in Rome have been accused of kidnapping, raping and killing children, but they have always denied the allegations. It was done.

The thing to note here is that in our country there are hundreds of cases reported every year that a child is abducted, then raped, and then killed. They actually offer human sacrifices to the devil who learns magic. Otherwise, there is no need to kill after raping. Older women are usually raped, gang-raped, but not murdered because the only purpose is to rape, not to sacrifice. There are many undeniable allegations against the current Pope Francis, but no action can be taken against this level of satanism. The Queen has also been accused of child sacrifice

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