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Skull & Bones

A report in The Telegraph, a popular English-language newspaper in London, appeared on May 8, 2006, with some of the May 11 newspapers reporting a brief headline: “President Bush’s grandfather digs graves and cuts skulls.” Used to show

“A secret society in the United States used human skulls.” Here is what the Telegraph quoted in the newspapers:

“One of America’s most historically controversial debates has resurfaced in Europe. Recent evidence has shown that the United States has a secret society of the country’s most influential people called Skills and Bones. This society used to carry out all sorts of horrific acts to achieve inhuman supernatural and magical powers. Is. Prescott Bush, the grandfather of former US President George W. Bush Jr., was one of the six founding members of the society, which was founded in 1832.

skull and bones

The members of the society are called Bonesmen. During World War II, members of the Society excavated the tomb of Jero Nemo, a historic leader of an ancient (Red Indian) tribe in North America, and removed his skull and placed it on display at the Society’s headquarters, which they called Tomb Are


The main purpose of the society is to defeat death and to acquire supernatural powers, for which they practice most of the satanic methods of worship. Martin Van Buren, the eighth president of the United States (b. 1782, 1845) and Che Guevara, the magical communist leader of Cuba, were among the other celebrities who dug up the skulls and bones of other famous people for their “worship.” Are Martin Borin was President of the United States from 1837 to 1841. All these skulls and bones are in his headquarters mausoleum. For a long time, Red Indian tribal leader Jero Nemo fought valiantly against the Americans (white farm European settlers) but was forced to face the overwhelming power of the American army. He died in 1909 in the Army’s Fort Sail prison. In 1918, Charles, a member of the Society, wrote to another member stating that the skull of the Red Indian leader, Geronimo, had been removed and was preserved in the “tomb” along with his other bones. An archeological historian discovered and published the letter during World War I.

Secret organizations have been part of Zionist conspiracy theories. Like ‘Skull and Bones’, Freemasonry and ‘The Committee of Three Hundred’ are among the many such secret societies. Skill & Bones is also one of several Zionist secret societies based at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. In fact, it is the American branch of the Thule Society, a Zionist secret organization in Germany. In particular, Skull & Bones has a monopoly on the opium and cocaine trade. In addition to the drug trade, it also has several secret and illicit sources of income. As US President George W. Bush Jr., his father, George W. Bush, is a man of bones. At least 30 prominent American members of parliament (members of Congress) were Bonesmen. Until 1992, membership of the society was reserved for men only, but now women can also become members. The current education system in the United States is dominated by the rules and regulations made by the Skill and Bones organization.


Other names for this organization in the United States include: (1) The Order of Death (2) The Order (3) Operation Star (4) The Eulogen Club (5) Lodge 322 and (6) Russell Trust Associations are noteworthy. Each member of the organization is given a specific name and then called by the same name. For example, former President George W. Bush’s organizational name is ‘Temporary’ because he cannot choose a name for himself or his name. Only the seniors could agree on a specific name for him, so it was not called ‘Mr. Tempuri’ and now it is his organizational name. The tall men in the organization are called ‘Long Devils’ and the short men are called ‘Short Devils’. The names of Gog and Magog are also specific to some members of the organization. Bonzmin refers to his mate as Gog who is sexually inexperienced and Magog refers to him as having the most experience of the opposite sex. The secret organization first became known to the outside world in 1985 when a dissident member provided a wealth of information to researcher Anthony Sutton. But Anthony Sutton did not disclose the information for fifteen years, fearing that its publication would reveal the name of the deviant member who appeared to be dangerous to him. And hand it over to your friend Chris Milligan, who shocked the world in 2003 with his book Flashing Out Skills and Bones. It was from this book that the world first came to know about the famous Bonesman. Incumbent President Bush’s family is Bonesmen, and his rival, Senator John Kerry, is also an active member of Skills and Bones, and there was no fundamental difference in policy between the two. It was a drama. If John Kerry had won, it would have been the same as the plan of the Zionist regime. Skill & Bones is currently one of the most important secret organizations of the Zionist regime. Institutions that are ostensibly active in the world but in reality are Zionist authoritarian think tanks or functioning institutions

The Russell Trust Association and the Council on Foreign Relations are the most prominent.

All seeing eye of god


The two organizations are actually affiliated with Skull & Bones and other Zionist Secret Societies, but they do not announce it at all. Some people do not believe in the Illuminati and consider it a myth and a myth. There is a deep connection. Illuminati is a secret organization like Freemasonry and Skill and Bones. Skull and Bones are one of the most famous of these organizations. All these organizations have one thing in common. Satan’s greatest and most effective weapon against the man on this earth is the antichrist, for which all these organizations are quietly working to arrive at the antichrist possible. The symbols used by these organizations are used in black magic, such as the five-pointed star and one eye symbol, so the five-pointed star is often used extensively in our amulets. These signs are repeated in the entertainment industry This is not a coincidence or fashion. Black magic has a direct relationship with the Jews according to verse 102 of Surah Baqara.

The Jews were waiting for a Messiah. When Jesus came, the Jews denied your prophecy and said that you are not the real Messiah who was promised to them. Therefore the Jews are still mentioned in the Torah and their religious books. They are anxiously waiting for the Messiah while the Messiah Jesus (PBUH) has come. So which Messiah are they waiting for now? These people are now waiting for the Antichrist to come as their Messiah.

Through qiblah, ie black magic, the Jews were able to establish a connection with the satanic world. Thus, through qiblah magic, they are in direct contact with the devil. In the Qur’an, Allah says that the devils descend on the leaders of disbelief. Also, even in the time of the Prophet (peace be upon him), Satan used to come to the disbelievers in human form and give them advice. The Jews are enabling Israel to ensure the arrival of this Messiah, where their Messiah will come and rule the world from here. That is why they have illegally occupied Palestinian land. All the presidents belonged to these organizations. That is, the United States is secretly in the possession of these organizations and the American nation is the worst slave nation on this earth.

The prophecy about the Illuminati is mentioned in this hadith in which Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: Allah is not hidden from you. Allah is not one-eyed. Saying this, he pointed to his eye with his hand. He pointed and added that the Antichrist is blind with his right eye and his left eye is like a grape.

The Antichrist will claim to be God. If you look behind the US dollar, you can see an eye on it. The US government officially explains what it means. That is, the eye of God sees everything.

Now the question arises, who is the one-eyed god of the American government? Is this the same God who is the God of Abraham (peace be upon him), Moses (peace be upon him), Jesus (peace be upon him), or Muhammad (peace be upon him)? The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: Our God is not one-eyed, but the antichrist will have one eye. This is clear proof that those who are controlling America do not consider Allaah as their God but Satan as their God This means that there are some hidden and invisible forces behind the US government that are controlling it. The same forces that consider the Antichrist as their Messiah and Satan as their God.

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